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Organisational Development


Dynamic Enterprise Matrix

The Dynamic Enterprise Matrix by Optimum Thinking has been designed to assist organisations to accelerate their development and improve profitability.

The program has been developed with two underlying intentions:

1.  To assist organisations with simple, consistent and timely business planning and reporting processes that focus on increasing value and leverage for improved sustainable prosperity.

Value X Leverage = Sustainable Prosperity

2.  To improve staff engagement, work satisfaction and retention through introducing self-leadership and self-governance. This will lead to developing emotional mastery for staff members at an organisational and/or individual level.

History has shown that the people 

with the most behavioural flexibility

rule the game!

Optimum Thinking's goal is to support leaders and managers with the design and implementation of a program that will provide consistency across an organisation and set up sustainable programs to assist the development of the business.

This pathway is customized to complement the work already done in an organisation and is then further adjusted as the program progresses.

Optimum Thinking recognizes that all organisations are dynamic and therefore adjusts the program to meet the specific, changing requirements of your organisation.

The program incorporates the work of leading edge thinkers in business development and human behaviour including: Talent Dynamics, Dr John Demartini, Neuro Semantics and Meta-Coaching, Identity Compass and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

This business development matrix is only suitable to leaders and teams who value developing people and creating financially sustainable businesses. It requires dedicated time at regular intervals to ensure success.

Fail to Plan = Plan to Fail

Gaining clarity about the business vision and what it promises to deliver to its customers is critical to keeping a business focussed and stable. Sharing the vision allows team members to align with it and engage at a highly productive level that ensures they can achieve job fulfillment and meet business objectives concurrently.

When a team has clarity about their purpose and feel they are engaged in valuable and meaningful work; they will work together to achieve the mission and serve the outside world. If they are left unfocused and unclear as to what is required of them they will cause internal distraction and disruption in the business.

Every team member deserves to know what the targets are so they can feel successful when they hit them!

The program is designed to work with the leadership team first and individual leaders who would like to improve their performance. 

Following that we will work with the teams at the other levels to ensure the planning involves as many staff as possible and that they all be encouraged to contribute great ideas for improving business systems and procedures.

If you would like to know more about the Dynamic Enterprise Matrix, please contact us.

“After the first workshop we set a big hairy audacious goal to more than double our income that year. We achieved that in 9 months and actually tripled our income that year. We also built up a team to sustain the results going forward.”

Jay Harris


The Maintenance Boys

Sydney, Australia




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