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Step 2: Meaningful, Measurable, Profitable Change

For enterprises wanting to build a powerful strategy that is scalable and very sustainable, Step Two allows the strategic team to create a fully functioning practical strategy. This three-day program can be run as three consecutive days or three days over the course of a month.

All change in your enterprise follows one of five rhythms. The schedule of ‘review and renew’ we set follows these five frequencies, allowing you to master flow within your organisation.

a. Your ‘Enterprise Promise’ never changes. This is the heart of what your enterprise stands for and is set at the outset.

b. Your ‘Conditions of Success’ is your one-year plan. It is written in the context of your enterprise promise, your team profile, value, leverage and your market and resources. It is reviewed bi-annually and renewed annually.

c. Your ‘Personal Compass’ is each team member’s quarterly responsibilities, projects, processes and milestones. It is written in context of your team charter, your personal profile, value, leverage, relationships and resources. It is reviewed monthly and renewed quarterly.

d. Your ‘Process and Project maps’ are: your flow charts and maps of measurable flow in names and numbers; information, communication, customers and financials (processes); and the projects that add to this flow. Every process and project is owned directly by a team member in their personal compass, and is viewed daily, reviewed weekly and renewed monthly.

e. Your ‘Flight Deck’ brings together the key measures of each process and project, giving you a view of flow in all aspects of your enterprise. It also gives you a measure of value and trust through regular assessments at the personal, team and corporate level, linking all measures to the financial performance of your enterprise.








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