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Step 3: Full Integration Program

If your enterprise chooses to integrate Talent Dynamics fully into your organisation, the third step is to embark on a collective journey to transform your enterprise into a high-performing corporation centred on the principle of flow. This process includes within it the following fundamental building blocks:

  1. Creating the environment.
    By understanding the five frequencies that occur in a high-performing corporation (and that form the basis of the Talent Dynamics system), you will define distinct environments in your workplace that will enhance flow in these five areas. The most productive environment for one frequency is counter-productive for another. This third step sets the stage for extraordinary performance.
    a. Your innovation environment is linked to the dynamo / spring energy of your enterprise, where product development, branding and strategy take place. It is quirky, ever-changing and sparks creativity and bold action.
    b. Your marketing environment is linked to the blaze / summer energy of your enterprise, where sales, marketing, communications and collaboration take place. It is bright, open, vibrant and always in conversation.
    c. Your service environment is linked to the tempo / autumn energy of your enterprise, where service, customer care, team care, reviewing and renewing takes place. It is grounded, calm, caring and engenders peace and balance.
    d. Your control environment is linked to the steel / winter energy of your enterprise, where accounts, data management, documentation and measurement takes place. It is clear, clean, organised, disciplined and leads to precision and clarity.
    e. Your bridge environment is linked to the spirit and heart of your enterprise. Like the bridge of a ship, this is where everything comes together with the company’s key leadership team, aligned to primary purpose. It is visual, inspiring and surrounded by the measures, principles and promise of the enterprise.
  2. Meaningful, measurable, profitable change. With a language, rhythm and environment aligned to flow, we work with you to supply the appropriate facilitation, direction and training. This is tailored to suit you and your organisation.








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