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Optimum Thinking for Wealth Creation

2-Day Workshop

Please note this workshop is not available to the general public and has very limited places to ensure a very high level of personalised learning.

Book today to avoid disappointment as this is a special launch weekend offer and there is no doubt it WILL BE A SELL OUT! 

Optimum Thinking for Wealth Creation

….is a very hands-on workshop designed to empower people with a new level of thinking that allows them to proactively manage their own performance around wealth creation.

Most of us are not taught about money when we are at school and making and managing wealth is a course of study that we should all undertake. It is one of the most important subjects NOT taught.

If you think you cannot afford to attend this course, then you are the person who definitely needs to attend most. If you believe it’s time to value yourself enough to attend, you will learn, how to capitalise on your current wealth building strategy and make it even more powerful.

During the workshop, you will discover how understanding your Highest Individual Life Priorities (HILP) and beliefs affects decisions you make daily around Wealth Creation. As you gain clarity around your unconscious thinking and how it shows up in your actions and behaviours, you are able to unlock the key to working out how to implement change to improve your financial results.

You will be able to identify your own HILP and discover how to change your hierarchy to obtain things in your life or business that may be eluding you.

Effective management of your HILP is a major success factor to better planning and development of financial success strategies.  You will also have the opportunity to uncover your own rules around money that dictate how you operate financially.

The more you understand how you operate at an unconscious level, the easier it is to pro-actively create the financial prosperity you desire.

BOOK NOW and ensure your place!

Practice doesn’t make perfect … perfect practice makes perfect!

Join other like-minded Optimum Thinkers and continue investing in your most precious asset – YOU!

Please Note Optimum Thinking for Wealth Creation has prerequisites: To ensure you achieve maximum benefit from attending this workshop, you must have completed Optimum Thinking Foundation Level.

What can you expect to learn and gain from attending the workshop?

• Highest Individual Life Priorities (HILPs) and how they are they are the master keys to getting what you want in life
• How HILPs and beliefs affect a person’s financial results
• The process to determine what your HILPs really are
• The impact HILPs and beliefs have as they drive everything people do
• An effective process for changing HILPs and beliefs to improve wealth creation
• A detailed plan to move forward towards financial independence
• Understanding of financial planning tools, how to use them and how they will benefit you
• A clear picture of where you are today and how to get where you want to go financially

This very hands-on, 2-day workshop is designed only for people wanting to:

  • Improve their results in the area of wealth creation
  • Get out and stay out of debt
  • Manage the stress financial challenges bring
  • Create the financial future you imagine for yourself
  • Learn how to take full control of your financial affairs
  • Learn how to utilise user-friendly planning tools to stay on track and to plan for future events

Our Presenter - David Nolan

David has spent over 25 years as a successful, professional financial planner and property developer and has developed a very unique set of skills which he gladly uses to help others to acquire wealth. A Business graduate of Monash University in Melbourne where he majored in Marketing, David’s passion for success and helping others has been one of the key drivers in his diverse career.  His personal mission is to assist as many people as possible to create financial independence using all the tools that are available today.

A strong advocate of change David believes that it is never too late to change the way things are done, especially if the change is for personal growth and development. He believes that there is no time like the present to start the journey into the future. In fact, it is from today onwards that all our futures lie. The past is just that, the past, so move forward and learn new skills, especially where the old skills are not serving you well enough.

Event Details

Date: TBA

Times: 8:30am for 9am start – approximately 5:30pm finish

Venue: The Angus RoomThe Norman Hotel, 102 Ipswich Road, Woolloongabba. 

Catering: The venue has a lunch and bar menu. Food is not included in the workshop price. 

Parking: There is ample free parking at the venue.

What to Bring: You will be provided with a workbook and computer files. You are required to bring a laptop with Microsoft Excel installed. This is a hands-on workshop where you will be working on files you will be able to use to improve your financial management for the rest of your life!

Investment: Full Price $750.00 GST inc

Special Early Bird Price  $495.00 GST inc if paid by 9 February 2018  

For questions please contact David on 0437 912 393 or David@OptimumThinking.net

Optimum Thinking for Wealth Creation - 2-Day Workshop

Our Promise to You

If at the end of the first day of the workshop, you honestly believe that you have not benefited from our teachings, we will gladly give you a full refund of your investment in attending this workshop once you have returned all of the workshop materials. You have nothing to lose and your financial welfare to gain.

What Others Are Saying

"My team and I found the workshop very enlightening on how people behave and why they do things and the way they communicate. This has helped us find ways of improving communication with our clients and colleagues. Throughout the workshop, Helene kept brining the information back to how it applies to our clients. This also provided a great opportunity for team building whereby we had the opportunity to learn from each other as well help individual team members problem solve current issues.

I would highly recommend the workshops to other teams of financial planners who really want to improve the relationship they have with each other and also their clients, as it really helps to really look at your own values and the values of others."

Judy Power
Senior Financial Planner

"Thank you very much for holding the workshop for us last Friday, it was most enjoyable.

I think the main thing I got out of the workshop was being reminded about the fact that I have control over how I react to different people or situations.  I became annoyed yesterday and was able to question myself straight away about why I was annoyed and also noticed the chemical reactions happening in my body.  I then calmed myself down straight away and I could feel the chemical reaction subside.  This was very powerful. 

I have also allowed my Mum to do different things for me and we have had a really enjoyable week and I have just let things go that would normally have annoyed me!!

So all in all a very positive outcome and strategies I continue to keep using each day.

Thanks Helene."

Amanda Catto
Kip McGrath Education Centres Grange



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